1. Will any of the Lucas products invalidate my warranty?

No, all Lucas products are 100% compatible with all oils used in both old and new vehicles. They homogenize with the original vehicle oil to produce a perfect blend of oil and additive. [top]

2. Will Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer help my worn and noisy engine?

Yes. Because of its consistency, once in the engine it adheres and coats every moving part. This helps eliminate noise and metal to metal wear. It will also eliminate dry starting and the so called "Death Rattle". [top]

3. Will Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer help stop my engine smoking?

Yes, the additives in the Stabilizer reduces smoking. Due to the lubricity of Lucas it coats and protects the rings and bore thus reducing the wear on oil rings and preventing further damage. [top]

4. Will Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer help raise my oil pressure?

Yes it will. It raises oil pressure and miles per gallon. It also lowers oil temperature and therefore makes the engine run cooler thus protecting your engine from further damage. [top]

5. Will Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer increase my mileage between oil changes?

Yes, it extends oil life by at least 50%. [top]

6. Is Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer compatible with my oil?

Yes, it safely blends with all petroleum products, even synthetic oils. [top]

7. Can I use Lucas products in my brand new car?

Yes you can, using any Lucas product will not void a new cars warranty. [top]

8. Can I use Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in my manual gearbox?

Yes, use it in the manual transmission or differential to stop wear, leaks, heat noise and hard shifting. [top]

9. Are there any solvents in Lucas products?

No, they are 100% petroleum based. [top]

10. How long will Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer last in my engine?

It lasts up to 20,000 miles. Because it adheres to every moving part, if you do an oil change after 8 to 10,000 miles the additive will still be working, protecting your engine [top]

11. Are Lucas products environmentally friendly?

Yes, as there are no solvents or alcohol in any of the Lucas oil products. [top]

12. How do I use Lucas Oil Stabilizer in my vehicle?

It is recommended that you add the Oil Stabilizer with every oil change (20% Stabilizer, 80% Oil). You may also use the stabilizer to top off between oil changes in order to help reduce oil consumption in an older engine, or maintain peak performance in a new engine. In addition to being great for your engine, you can also mix it 25%/75% in the transmission and 50%/50% in the differential. Lucas Oil Stabilizer blends with any petroleum-based or synthetic oil, and is formulated for gasoline or diesel engines. [top]

13. .How many miles do I need to have on my vehicle before I can start using Lucas Oil Stabilizer?

You don't have to have a specific amount of wear before you start using our Oil Stabilizer. We use it in brand new engines ourselves! Put in a quart each time you change the oil in your car. You should be able to go at least 50% longer between oil changes and your engine will last much, much longer. [top]

14. How should I use Lucas Transmission Fix?

We recommend adding a bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix each time you change your transmission fluid (approximately every 30-40,000 miles), or adding a bottle to your current fluid to fix a small leak. [top]

15. Will the Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak correct the squealing and hard spots in my steering?

Yes, the Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak will correct squealing and hard spots and fix most seal leaks in a worn rack and pinion. You can also use the Power Steering Stop Leak in new units to prevent wear. [top]

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