Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster/Stop Leak
Standard Hydraulic Oils Are Not made With Enough Lubricant In Them To Stand Up To The Amount Of Heat & Pressure That The Hydraulic Systems Can Create. A Majority Of Problems Occurring In Hydraulic Systems Are Caused By High Temperature In A Hydraulic System. This Shortens The Life Of The Hydraulic Fluid, Causing Increase Down Time And Maintenance Cost On Pumps, Fluid Motors, Relief Valves And Fittings.

Excessive Heat In Hydraulic Systems Can Definitely Shorten The Service Life Of The Oil. For Example, If An Oil Has A Service Life Of 8,000 hrs. At 126 Degrees.When The Temperature Is Increased To 148 Degrees The Service Life Is Reduce To 4,000 hrs. A Temperature Increase Of Just 22 Degrees Has Cut The Oil Life By 50%.

If The Temperature Is Increased To 170 Degrees The Service Life Will Be Around 2,000 hrs. Friction Causes Heat, Resulting In The Deterioration Of The Oil As Well As Excessive Wear In The Pumps And Fluid Motors.
By Putting The Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster/Stop Leak Into Your Hydraulic System, It Will Help To Reduce Heat In The Pumps And Fluid Motors.

These Two Units Are The Major Heat Sources.The Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster/ Stops leaks Prevents Major Overhauls, Reduces Heat, Increases The Life of Pumps,Fluid Motors,Seals And Hoses.

The Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster/Stop Leak Is A Product That Has Been Proven To With Stand The Heat & Pressure That The Hydraulic Systems Are Putting Out, And Also Will Lubricate And Soften The Seals To A Point That They Are Functional Again. This Product Will Stop Leaks And Extend The Life Of The Pump And Hoses.

What Can Lucas Hydraulic Booster & Stop Leak Do For A System That Is Already Leaking Or Weak?
Lucas Hydraulic Booster & Stop Leak Is Great For Preventative Maintenance But It Is Outstanding At Correcting Worn Systems. If The System Is Weak Then Chances Are The Fluid Is By-Passing In The Pump.This Can Be Caused By a Worn Pump Or By Using A Lighter Grade Fluid Than Was Intended By The Manufacturer. To Correct This, Add 10 To 20% Lucas Hydraulic Booster & Stop Leak. More Can Be Added, If Necessary.

This Should Also Stop The Fluid From By-Passing The Seals Onto The Ground. Lucas Hydraulic Booster & Stop Leak Can Correct Those Problems By Raising The Viscosity Of The Fluid. It Can Safely Do This Because It Also Raises The Lubricity Of The Fluid, Allowing It To Pass Through Lines And Check Valves Designed For Lighter Fluid

Boosting The Pressure Can Save Fuel Too Because It Takes Fewer RPM's To Create The Hydraulic Pressure.








Dump Trucks Are Known For Having Leaks Around The Rams And Premature Pump Wear.This Is A Great Product For Correcting These Problems And SAVING YOU OWNERS A LOT OF MONEY. Lucas Hydraulic Booster & Stop Leak Also Fills In Small Scratches On The Ram And Conditions The Seals To Bring Back Their Lost Elasticity. If There Are No Large Scratches On The Shaft Or Tears In The Seal The Leaks Should Stop.

An Inexpensive Soultion To Your Hydraulic Problems. The Perfect Preventative Maintenance Product For New Equipment And The Ideal Solution For Worn Hydraulics And Transmissions In Older Equipment. Renews Worn Fluids,Removes Varnish From Wet Brakes And Clutches To Stop Slip And Lower Operating Temps.

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Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster and Stop Leak

Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster and Stop Leak

Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster and Stop Leak
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Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster & Stop Leak

An additive for hydraulic systems that stops leaks and increases hydraulic pressure. Use in new units to stop initial wear and increase fluid life.

Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster & Stop Leak was formulated to renew hydraulic fluid with an additive package that stops seal leaks, boosts pressure,

reduces operating temperatures and increases the life of hoses, rams and cylinders. It is an inexpensive solution to most hydraulic problems

and a perfect preventative maintenance product.

Key Benefits

  • Stops leaks
  • Prevents major overhauls
  • Reduces heat
  • Increases equipment life 

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