Lucas 15/40 Magnum Motor Oil
Lucas 15/40 Magnum Motor Oil
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LUCAS High (14) TBN SAE 15/40 Magnum Truck Oil Is A Blend of High Quality Base Oils And An Additive Package That Allows Extended Drain Intervals And A Much Higher Degree of Protection From Metal To Metal Contact. This Product Is Also Excellent For Gasoline Engines.

EXTENDED DRAIN INTERVALS--UP TO TWICE AS LONG. After 20,000 Miles, Sample Your Oil Every 5,000 Miles To Determine Maximum Oil Life For Each Particular Engine. EXTENDED PROTECTION FROM FUEL DILUTION. The Additive Package In The Lucas SAE 15w-40 Magnum Truck Oil Is More Resistant To Break Down From The Solvents In Diesel Fuel Than Common Additive Packages Found In Regular 15w-40 Blends.

ELIMINATION OF DRY STARTS. The Exclusive Additive Package Ensures A Protective Film On Parts At All Times. LOWER OPERATING TEMPERATURES. Normal Oil Temperature Will Be Lower But More Importantly, The Additive Film In Lucas SAE 15w-40 Magnum Truck Oil Will Not Rupture In An Over-heating Situation. HIGH DETERGENT ACTION. Motor Oil Is Usually Changed Because It's Contaminated With Combustion By-products, Not Because It's Worn Out. The High Detergent Action of Lucas SAE 15w-40 Magnum Truck Oil Allows Up To Twice As Much Contamination To Be Held In Suspension And Still Have Good Lubrication Qualities. A HIGHER DEGREE OF lubricity. The Slicker The Oil, The Easier The Engine Starts And The Easier It Runs. HIGHER OIL PRESSURE. This Means More Protection And More Cooling. LESS OIL CONSUMPTION.

The Low Volatility of Lucas SAE 15w-40 Magnum Truck Oil Makes It Harder To Burn. The Thicker Oil Film Makes It Harder For The Oil To Get Pass The Rings To The Combustion Chamber. MORE PROTECTION FOR OLDER ENGINES. Common Engine Oils Are Formulated For The Tolerances of New Engines Only. The Extra Additive Coat The Parts With A Heavy Film That Compensates For The Extra Space Between The Moving Parts In Older Engines. EXTENDED PROTECTION FROM OXIDATION. Oxidation Is The Subtle Killer That Often Finishes Off Worn Engines. Lucas SAE 15w-40 Magnum Controls This In Three Ways: (1) It Coats The Cylinder Walls To Slow Oil Burning. (2) Also Slows The Rate of Blow-by. (3) The Extra Detergent Additives Keep The Combustion Acids Separated Much Longer. QUIETER, SMOOTHER OPERATION. By Providing Extra Cushion To The Moving Parts A Degree of "Knock" Is Eliminated. This Factor Can Be Greatly Appreciated By Operatorsof Cars And Small Trucks With Diesel Engines.

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