Lucas Oil DeepClean
Lucas Oil DeepClean
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Lucas Deep Clean Is A Real Fuel System Cleaner

It Deep Cleans The Entire Fuel System And Combustion Chamber. Lucas Deep Clean Is Blended With An Exclusive Lucas Additive Package And A Specific Carrier Fluid That Contains No Diesel Fuel, Kerosene Or Anything Else That Can Be Harmful Or Useless To An Engine. 

 Lucas Deep Clean Has Been Formulated With A Unique Polyetheramine (Detergent)  Technology And A Special High Performance Lucas Oil Additive System. That Cleans  The Entire Intake System And Combustion Chamber Including Injectors, Piston Tops, Intake Ports, Cylinder Heads And Intake Valves. It Effectively  Removes Carbon Deposits And Eliminates Knocking And Pinging.

The Lucas Deep Clean Is Specifically Designed For Use In Gasoline Engines Only And Provides One Tank Cleanup Even In The Dirtiest Systems. It Improves Fuel Economy, Acceleration And Significantly Reduces CO, HC And NOx Emissions, Has Been Fleet And OEM Tested With Excellent Results And Found To Be Oxygen Sensor Safe. Independent Testing Confirms Injector Cleanup And Improved Spray Pattern Efficiency In One Tank Full.

One 16 Ounce Bottle Treats Up To 30 Gallons Of Gasoline. It Is Recommended That Lucas Deep Clean Be Used Every 3,000 To 4,000 Miles, But It Can Be Used Every Fill-Up To Maintain Fuel System Cleanliness Without Harm.

Reduces NOx Emissions

  • Eliminates The Need For Higher Octane Fuel

  • Removes Carbon Deposits

  • Totally Eliminates Knocking And Pinging

  • Oxygen Sensor Safe

  • 16 oz. Treats Up To 30 Gallons

  • Brings Sluggish Engines Back To Life
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