Lucas 80/90 Gear Oil
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85/140 Plus GEAR OIL

PRODUCT # 10042, 10045, 10061, 10062,10064

Exceeds All GL Classifications

This gear oil formula is fortified with special anti-wear agents and anti-seize agents along with special additives to control heat.These benefits are not found in common gear oils.

Lucas 85/140 Plus Gear Oil is a technical blend of oils and additives designed to give longer oil life and longer component life with less power draw. Lucas 85/140 Plus Gear Oil contains special lubricity agents for less wear,less heat,less power usage and longer bearing life.


Test Results

API Gravity D-1298 25.6
Specific Gravity @ 60°F D-1298 .9007
Density @ 60°F LBS/US Gal D-1298 7.500
Viscosity @ 100°C cSt D- 445 30.0
Flash Point COC °C/F D- 92 440°
Color   Clear Amber
Odor   Characteristic Petroleum Plus Sulphur additives
AGMA Designation   7EP
Timken OK Load, Lbs   70



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