Spec/Octane Booster





PRODUCT # 10026, 10023


Lucas Octane Booster is a Genuine Performance Enhancer, with independant tests showing at least three times more boost than most brands. Each 15oz. bottle treats up to 25 Gallons, and it is safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

Lucas Octane Booster is NHRA and NOPI approved for competition use. Lucas Octane Booster is a genuine performance enhancer! it is suitable for use in fuel injected, carbureted, throttle body and rotary engines. It's safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

Test Results


 API Gravity  D-1298  32.3
 Specific Gravity @ 60° F  D-1298  .8639
 Density @ 60° F LBS/US Gal  D-1298  7.193
 Viscosity @ 40° F C cSt  D-445  
 Viscosity @ 100° C cSt  D-445  4.5
 Flash Point COC °F  D-92  192°
 Color    Clear Straw



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