Chris Singsime uses Pure Synthetic Stabilizer in his IHRA Drag Bike!
August 29, 2005

I Drag race at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove WI. I run the IHRA Summit Super Series. I have been looking for ways to get a little more out of my bike and started to look up info on oils.

Because of your involvement in drag racing, your products were the first things that came to mind. I thought i would give your Pure synthetic oil stabilizer a try before i went to do some test and tune this past saturday.

What a difference! The thing runs so much smoother and shifts so smooth and easy its ridiculus! My first pass at the track it went its best ever, 9.63 @ 139.4 mph! No wheelie bar, street tire! Thats .3 and 4mph better than before with nothing else changed! The clutch also showed no signs of wear after 15 passes! It even ran cooler. I am 110% happy with your product and will use them where ever i can from now on. If you could shoot me a few stickers i will gladly display them on race day and spread the word of what i learned!

Thank you again,

Chris Singsime

Bike #620

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Cody Burchett uses Lucas Oil Stabilizer in Factory Stock car
March 3, 2005

I started using your product in 01. What really sold me was when I started racing factory stock at Manzineta Speedway in Phx, AZ I had blown my good engine due too bad mechaning. I had another engine I had pulled out of a junked truck. I bolted on my good parts, stuck it in the car pored a bottle of lucas in with the oil. I started the car I had 50psi of oil, loaded the car an went to the track .The race started I lost all oil presure so I went for broke. I was black flaged for smoking to bad.

Monday morning I took the car to work started the car to back it off the traler .I had 50psi of oil by the time I backed the car off I had 0psi. So I pulled the engine tore it apart. There was NO rodbearings at all. When I pulled the pistons all the rings were broke in half. This engine should have locked up. Thanks to Lucas I was able to save the block and heads. so I thank you for having such a great product.

Sincerely, Cody Burchett

PS I will all ways be a loyel customer.

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Jason Rupert uses Lucas 70WT Plus Racing Oil for Federal Mogul Funny Car
January 8, 2002

Dear Forrest,

To be competitive in the Federal Mogul Funny Car ranks you have got to run parts and equipment extremely hard. Because of this it is important to trust the oil and lubricants used. Lucas Oil Products are great for this. Blown alcohol and Nitro engines run big fuel volumes and have a terrible problem with oil dilution.

With Lucas 50 and 70 Plus Racing Oil the common problems of dry bearings, pistons and ring scuff are completely eliminated. The Lucas Heavy Duty Gear Oil extends the life of our ring and pinions, which usually wear out fast from tire shake. With the oil the ring and pinion set is so well lubed we are able to get up to 150 runs from one set.

Aside from using Lucas products in our racecar, we depend on them for every day driving and rely heavily on them for our race support vehicles. The Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner has more than paid for itself. With it, our transport truck is able to get better mileage. We also save on costly replacement parts for the injector and regular tune-ups. Knowing that we have the best lubricants on the market available, we are able to fully trust and push our equipment and vehicles as hard as we do.

All of the Lucas Oil family members are equally important to us in every aspect of our mobile lives. From the oil in our families' cars to the oil in our funny car, we would not trust any other company or oil to get us where we need to go. From all of us at VANRUPE MOTORSPORTS to all of you at LUCAS--Thank you, we would not make it without you!


Jason Rupert

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Scott Roberts uses Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in his Honda Element's 2.4L i-VTECH
August 11, 2005

Wanted to write about how your products have improved the performance of my Honda Element.
The Element's 2.4L i-VTECH is an amazing piece of engineering, not a powerhouse, but responsive, silky smooth and efficient. My E has beem lightly "riced-out" Modifications include:Ingen cold air induction mandrel, K&N air filter element, Top Speed exhaust. These mods really brought my i-VTECH to life, and with some P235/60R16s and a 5 speed, a blast to drive.

At the 2nd oil change, I switched from dino to Mobil 1 synthetic & high-efficiency filter and UCL in the gas tank, and was amazed what a difference it made in the small engine's performance. At 37,000 miles, just when I thought that I had picked all of the "low-hanging performance enhancing fruits", I decided to add your Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer (20%) to the Mobil 1 sythetic and THAT IS THE WINNING COMBINATION! Wow, this stuff really makes this engine purr in it's power band.

The iVTECH became even smoother still, talk about a quiet start and idle! I ripped this box across NV at 100mph - that's 6 hours @ 5,000 RPM - and the iVTECH was nothing short of perfection... responsive, smooth and cool.
Thank you Lucas for your awesome products and an unbelieveable driver experience!

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Tom Bayer uses Lucas Semi-Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid for Super Comp Dragster
January 8, 2002

Lucas Oil Products,

Here at TOM BAYER RACING, we tow thousands of miles while following the NHRA division 7 circuit. The truck we use is a 1994 Ford crew cab duelly with a power stroke diesel engine. Our biggest problem with the truck was finding a fuel additive that would make up for the low sulphur content found in today's diesel fuels.

We've used so many so-called diesel additives in the past, and not one of these products can stack up to Lucas Fuel Treatment. The results from your fuel treatment has been increased performance and fuel mileage. Before using the fuel treatment, we would get 13 mpg towing and 16 highway. After using the fuel treatment, we've seen an increase of 1.5 mpg towing and 2 mpg highway.

Additionally, we feel that using Lucas Oil Products has kept us running at our race events; we've not had to rebuild or replace any motors or transmissions while competing at an event. We know that the 20/50 Plus Racing Oil and the synthetic ATF transmission oils have given us the advantage that has kept us above our competition.

TOM BAYER RACING has finished in the Top 3 in Super Comp category--Division 7 in both 1997 and 1998. We are looking forward to even more great results this year with the help of Lucas Oil Products.

Keep up the good work and thanks again.


Tom Bayer
Owner & Crew Chief
Tom Bayer Racing

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Mark Haliday is a Fan of Lucas Oil
July 27, 2005

My wife ran her car off the curb last tue. It’s a 1993 grand am. The oil pan hit the curb and it cracked it, she then drove the car about 10 miles with the oil running out. The car sat in the driveway all night ,there was no oil in it, my wife then left in her car for work. It quit running so I had to go pick her up.

I found thr crack in the oil pan and just knew the motor was shot but then my friend said , wasn’t you running lucas in it, and I said yes. Well anyway we fixed the oilpan ,filled it up with oil and lucas and it started up and is running fine. I just want to thank you for a fine product , and will recommend it to everybody. Thanks

Mark Haliday SR.

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Kevin Kroyer uses Lucas Heavy Duty 85/140 Gear Oil for NASCAR Supertruck
January 8, 2002

Dear Forrest,

I just thought I'd write you a note letting you know about some of the things we have noticed using your oil products. When Walker Evans Racing and your company first made contact, I wondered just how good your merchandise could be. I had heard good reports from some people in the racing industry. However, I was still a little reluctant since your product was not as well known as others, and I wouldn't run any product that did not measure up to our teams' tough standards. With 177 team wins and 31 team championships to our credit, we have a reputation to live up to.

I am happy to inform you that the extensive dyno and racing testing in our NASCAR Supertruck and CORR off-road series Chevrolets we have experienced an oil pressure increase, noticeable oil temperature decrease and wear characteristics that are far better since using your products (attributed to its ability to lubricate better).

As you know, we have been using your transmission fluid, rear end oil and motor oil in our racing programs with great success and it doesn't stop there. We have been using your heavy-duty truck products in our eighteen-wheelers to get our race truck to all 42 race we attend each year. With all of the experience you have in the big truck market and the testing we ourselves have done, we expect continued success with Lucas Oil Products. Thank you for your high quality line of products.


Kevin Kroyer
Engine Builder
Walker Evans Racing

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Ken Bonin uses Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak in 1999 Chevy S-10 pick-up
May 12, 2005

I tried Prestone power steering stop leak, I had no results at all. A freind suggested Lucas. I put it in my power steering and have not had a drop of fluid lost since. Saved me about $450.00 in repairs. It worked so well I am using all Lucas Products now. THANK YOU!

Ken Bonin

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Steven Christian uses Lucas 20/50 WT Plus Racing Oil for USAR Race Car
January 8, 2002

Dear Mr. Lucas:

As the owner and driver of a USAR Hooter?s ProCup division racecar, I would like to thank you personally for your support and your products. We have used your products over the past three years in our racecars, tow vehicles and general automobiles with excellent results.

We have consistently completed more laps than anyone on the circuit with not one engine failure over three years. I attribute this to your 20/50 racing oil, heavy-duty gear oil and X-Tra Heavy-Duty Grease. Our transporters have seen improved fuel mileage and less oil consumption as well with the Fuel Treatment and 15/40 Truck Oil.

You have superior products and a staff that is always available to help with questions about your products. I look forward to a continued relationship with your and your staff.


Steven Christian
S&S Motorsports, Inc.

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Steven Ott uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in 1995 Chevy Tahoe
May 12, 2005

All you guys out there know how most women treat their cars..If it starts,then it is probably okay to drive. My wife almost ran our Tahoe out of oil one day while she was washing it.The lower end started to hammer,so she promptly shut it off and called me.I gather up a bottle of Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer that had been sitting on my shelf for quite some time, oil and a filter and went to the rescue.

After draining what oil was left, I re-fired the engine and noticed that the oil pressure had gained over 20#. I was amazed. Your product has the competition chasing their tails!!!I use your products in everything I own. You have a customer for life!!!

Steven Ott

Ardmore, Oklahoma

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Dave Wilson uses Lucas 20/50 Plus Racing Oil for Top Alcohol Dragster
January 8, 2002

Dear Sir,

As a racer who has been running Top Alcohol cars for 20+ years, you can imagine that I have in my time tried a number of different oils, none of which has been used without the previous recommendation of other users. When I started to use Lucas Oil Products three years ago, it was an unknown product in Europe, but came highly recommended by the US racers who were using it.

Since changing to Lucas Oil Products, I have been enormously impressed by its performance in our race car. Supercharged alcohol engines inherently suffer from oil dilution, by using Lucas Oil 20/50 Racing Oil with an added quantity of Lucas Stabilizer, not only does the oil visibly suffer less from fuel dilution but oil pressure hold up better during the run and on internal inspection all heavily stressed areas, i.e., bearings, crank journals and piston skirts display visibly less wear and stress (no black death) and also seem to retain a lubricity which was not present before.

By using Lucas Oil Products, our main bearing life has been extended indefinitely and rod bearing and piston life increased by 100%.

We have treated our transporter and motor home with Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner, etc. and seen an increase in mileage and more importantly, a decrease in emissions from both vehicles, even our family car has benefited by the addition of Lucas Oil Stabilizer and I would recommend these products as the most effective I have ever used in both my race car and other vehicles.


Dave Wilson
Nemesis Racing - Top Alcohol Dragster

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Christopher Caccia uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in 1983 Buick Electra Estate Wagon
May 2, 2005

I work at a Freightliner Dealership watching drivers come in and buy and use the Lucas fuel and oil treatments daily. Finally, I put the fuel treatment in my 83 Buick w/a 307 olds engine and after adding the treatment to 2 full tanks I went from 11 miles to the gallon to 16!

Since then I have been adding it every 3rd tank. After convincing freinds and neighbors, they all are using it in there vehicles. Next is the oil treatment, I'll let you know how it works.

Christpher Caccia


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Becky Stangeland uses Lucas Tranmission Fix
March 3, 2005

Just wanted to let Lucas Oil know how wonderful I think your products are. We use Lucas in our race car and personal vehicles. Every time the oil is changed in the race car or personal car we use Lucas. I don't know how many motors Lucas has saved in the race car. I also had a tranny slipping in my van. It works good as new after using Lucas.

Lucas is truly a wonderful product and that we will continue to use.

Becky Stangeland

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Todd Singleton uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in Chevrolet Cavalier
May 2, 2005

Just wanted to say I became aware of your product thanks to the NASCAR sponsorship of Mike Wallace. I bought the fuel treatment and it worked great. Thanks for supporting NASCAR...I am now supporting you!

Todd Singleton


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Kenny Gilmour uses Lucas 70 wt Racing Oil in NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster
March 1, 2005

We have been using various brands of racing oil for the last few years. We have observed a multitude of scrubbed bearings due to alcohol dilution, further the stay in grade qualities proved weak.

In July 2004 at Mission raceway we did not pack enough of our sponsored P brand of oil and decided to buy some 70 wt Lucas. We are happy to report the life of our main and rod bearings has made a dramatic improvement. It appears the Lucas 70 Wt can support higher loads, has a greater film strength and superior heat rejection characteristics compared to other brands we have used in the past. Bravo Best regards

Kenny Gilmour

Calgary, Canada

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Chris Galloway uses Lucas Oil Stabilizer
May 12, 2005

I have just used your product Lucas Oil Stabilizer and it works perfect. My car when I start it the high rev is gone, sounds 75% better and runs better. I am overall satisfied with what I have purchased. It was worth every pennny. Thanks!

Chris Galloway

Kingston ,Ontario

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David Morris uses Lucas X-tra Heavy Duty Grease for The EQUALIZER Monster Truck January 8, 2002

I want to thank Lucas Oil Products for making such a fine line of oil additives. We use them in everything we have--tractors, trucks, cars and especially my Monster Truck, The EQUALIZER.

The products I use most frequently are the Oil Stabilizer, diesel fuel treatment and the grease. I use the Oil Stabilizer in the gear boxes of my semi as well as the EQUALIZER; in fact, I wouldn't start either one of them without it.

A good example of how well the Oil Stabilizer works is when I ran it in my EQUALIZER motor that had NO oil pressure. I used 70% Oil Stabilizer and 30% regular motor oil. The motor held up for a full night of racing and still looked great when I tore it down later.

I use the diesel fuel treatment in my big rig that hauls the Monster Truck. I've noticed a big difference in fuel consumption, at least a mile per gallon.

Also, I use the X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease on the fittings of all my vehicles regularly. This is the only grease I've ever used that actually does what it says it will do. Other greases have not lasted nearly as long or as well.

Thank you again for making such great products. You've got a loyal user.

Yours truly,

David Morris
Driver of The EQUALIZER

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Randy Davis uses Lucas Octane Booster in 2002 Ford Thunderbird
May 12, 2005

First, I need to say that I have never taken the time to write a testimonial about any product ever, and I'm getting old enough to where that should mean something. I definitely feel that yours is worthy of this testimonial.

I own a 2002 Ford Thunderbird which I drive as an every day car and which is directed to use 91 octane or "higher" fuel. With the local 93 octane fuel, I notice detonatiion, ping, and low performance on initial throttle push. The car runs well on 100 octane, but who can afford to spend $5 per gallon every time they fill up their automobile.

YOUR PRODUCT DOES THE TRICK.... and more than that, I've tried all the other octane boosters provided by my local AutoZone, and yours is the only one that truely makes the difference.

When I add your product to my gas (i.e. 1 unit to a tank - 15 gallons), my car runs great. Instant throttle response, great tone out the exhaust, etc., etc. It's an excellent product and it's nice to spend just a few more pennys on the dollar to get the same results as spending $2 for every $1. Thank you for your product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,

Randy Davis

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Steve Brown uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer for Modified Pulling Tractor
October 21, 2002

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Steve Brown and I own and run a modified pulling tractor with two alcohol injected big block Chevy's.

Being on alcohol I have to change the oil after about every four runs. I started using Lucas Oil Stabilizer, adding one quart at every oil change and this past year has been my best pulling year ever.

I had a problem with an oil filter plugging up and losing oil pressure two weeks in a row.

It burnt the rod bearing very badly both times and starving for oil. Neither time hurting the shaft or the rods. I rolled in new bearings and was ready for the next week of pulling.

It did take me two times of this happening to find the problem. I am HOOKED on Lucas products from now on. I add it to everything I own. Cars, tow vehicles, lawn mowers, anything with oil here has Lucas added to it.

Thanks for a great produc

Brown's Pulling team
Steve Brown

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Bill and Lisa Dick uses Lucas Transmission Fix in 1985 Fiero GT
May 2, 2005

I used Lucas Trasmission Fix in my 85 Fiero Gt. Before I got it the car sat for 2 and a half years and the transmission slipped when I tried to drive it. Now I drive the car everyday and go to the car show with it every weekend and tell everyone about your products. Thanks

Bill and Lisa

Indianapolis In

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Bob Ross uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer for Super Comp Dragster
January 8, 2002

I contacted you a couple of months ago to get some info on the different Lucas Products. I appreciate your help.

I run a super comp dragster with a 406 S.B. Chevy. In the past I have been using exclusively, Mobil 1 15W50 with no additives.

At the beginning of this racing season, I have been mixing 1.5 quarts of Oil Stabilizer with 8 quarts of Mobil 1 and have noticed a dramatic difference in engine wear. Although I do not have a chemical oil analysis or spectro analysis to go by, I have noticed a big difference in the visual condition of the oil since using Lucas.

In the past, I would change oil every 10 passes. My most recent oil change was after 15 passes and in my opinion could go another 10 passes. Engine wear is dramatically reduced and the condition of the oil significantly improved.

I am now using Lucas Oil Stabilizer in all my engines and differentials in my motor home, truck, generators, motorcycle and classic '70 Chevelle. My Lucas Oil Stabilizer bill was more that my groceries last month. Thanks for developing such a fine product.


Bob Ross

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Ashley Plettell uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in 1992 Ford Explorer
April 22, 2005

I have a 1992 Ford Explorer 4.0L and its a gas pig 300 km to a tank @ 55.00/TANK OUCH after using Lucas upper cylinder lubricant I can drive farther on a tank of gas 500-550 km.

Best Fuel Conditioner ever


Ashley Plettell

Alberta, Canada

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Mack Johnson uses Lucas Oil ATF in a Ford Mustang
January 17, 2005

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciate the support from Lucas Oil and Dunn Benson Ford this year. Without it, it just wouldn’t have been possible to have the kind of year we had.

With your help, we were able to finish up the year with two wins, two more runner-ups and numerous late-round finishes. We also ended up with a third place finish in the points standings at Dunn Benson Dragstrip. Naturally, I would have loved to finish higher but considering I started the season just hoping for a top 10 finish, it’s safe to say I’m very happy with how the year went for us.

We were also able to qualify for the IHRA Division 1 Bracket Finals at Virginia Motorsports Park. Driver error knocked us out in the second round. We did win three out of four rounds we were in that weekend though, so not a bad weekend overall. Just being able to attend the races was a dream come true, and again, you helped make it possible.

I also want to say that all the Lucas Oil Products in our car performed absolutely flawlessly all year long. We put about 400 runs on the car this year and the only failure we had (other than driver failure) was a leaking pump gasket in the transmission, definitely not an oil related problem. I think that switching to the Lucas Transmission fluid was the single most important thing we did last year to make the car more consistent.

Before the switch, our first run off the trailer would many times be several hundredths slower than successive runs. However, this year it was not unusual at all to have the first and second time trial runs be less than 1 one-hundredth of a second apart, and in two different lanes at that. I can only attribute this to the more stable viscosity of the transmission fluid at varying temperatures.

On the night of one of our wins, we made a total of 10 runs in one night including time trials and even making runs as little as 10 minutes apart, the car stayed very consistent. Please thank the good people at Lucas Oil for making such good products.

Mack Johnson
MJS Racing Ford Mustang

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Barry J. Meeley uses Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in 1989 Firebird Formula 350
April 22, 2005

I must admit that before actually using Lucas Oil Products I was a little skeptical, but after putting in your oil stabilizer I have to agree with others that it works...and works well.

It keeps the oil pressure up, quiets noise, and stops smoke. You make great products! I have also used your power steering additive which took care of a nasty leak I had in my power steering pump. I couldn't be happier! Thanks Lucas.

Barry Meeley

Upper Darby, PA

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Tom Bayer Racing Has Used Lucas Oil Products Since 1996.
July 21, 2005

In my 1040 horsepower Super Comp dragster I use the 20/50 racing oil, after 150 laps we pull down the motor and inspect everything. Not once have we found any oil related problems, the main and rod bearings always look great.

This super comp dragster goes from 0-to 60 in 1.6 seconds in an eight mile @ 136 mph, and 7.50 seconds @ 178 mph in a quarter mile, this rocket-ship travels 240 feet per second.

We depend on the 15/40 and the oil stabilizer to keep are 98 Frieghtliner motor home, on the road, which we average around 20,000, miles a year, traveling race to race. We also have found that my wife's Toyota Camry has picked up 2 miles per gallon using the fuel treatment. Lucas Oil Products really do work.

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J.D. uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in 1987 VW Convertible
April 22, 2005

I have a 87 VW convertable that was running fine till I took it on a 400 mile road trip when returning from the trip the next morning I started it up to go to work. The whole drive to work it putted and was lacking power badly so I spent the day at work wondering what was wrong. Then putted back home a poped the hood looked at just about every thing and couldn't figure it out.

So I talked to a friend and he mentioned how good of a product Lucas has been for him so I decided to pick up a bottle of fuel treatment and dumped that in and after I used about a 1/4 tank of gas could notice a diffence, so I thought wow its working by the time I had used the full tank there was no more putting and the car iddled steadily and ran better than ever before. Lucas is a great product and plan on using it often. Thanks!



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Thanks Lucas Oil!
December 17, 2004

Thank you for your great products (Racing Octane Boost). Our local AutoZone here in Bowling Green, Ohio handles your products and they just so happen to be one of our sponsors of our two car drag racing team (1982 Ford Mustang 35W and 1982 Mercury Capri 306). Duane and Cathy at AutoZone were very helpful with your product. This was my teams’ first experience with Lucas Oil and definitely won’t be our last.

We had lost our team’s second entry (the Mustang) at the season opener due to an exploded transmission. We put all our funds to work on the Capri. After unleashing your product into the wild world of drag racing, (at the end of the season) it went right to work for us! It helped On-Top Racing finish out the 2004 season with a top ten in points in the K&N Street class; which also led to a specialty race held during a week long Halloween event at Norwalk Raceway Park. We were 1 of 16 top competitors. Our 1982 Mercury Capri RS was going rounds; the car settled down, felt stronger, pulled harder and was very consistent said Jody Beckford the owner and driver of the car. We finished the event with a runner-up!

I also got to experience this in the drivers’ seat the following day. I had had my best E.T. of 12.38 at 112 mph. It was awesome. We do believe that with your product it made these 8.03-second 1/8 mile passes and the back-to-back 12.37-seconds possible for Jody.

Thank you Lucas Oil for your Octane Boost as it was a major part of our success this year. And will be next year, too!

On behalf of On-Top Racing – Thank you.


Randy Rush, Crew-Chief

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Thomas Sherman uses Lucas Transmission Fix in 1999 Jeep Wrangler SE
April 14, 2005

The Jeep's transmission started to slip each time and every time I pushed down on the accelerator. After Lucas Transmission Fix, there is no slippage at all. Unbelievable, this Lucas Transmission Fix is a Cure All. One word description: Amazing

Hebron, IN

Thomas Sherman
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Terry Churchfield uses Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in 2c Dirt Late Model
December 13, 2004

Our race team could not run without Lucas Oil Products. We use just about every racing item you manufacture. Your latest synthetic oil stabilizer product works great and actually saves us money.

Your gear oils are the best in the industry. We use both Red N' Tacky and X-tra HD grease on our bird cages, hubs and chassis components. We mix your fuel treatment with gasoline and spray it into our alky carburetor before and after each race event. Thanks for all your great products.


Churchfield Racing


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Stephen uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager
April 14, 2005

My van has almost 150,000 miles (246,000 KLM) on it. I was going through oil like crazy. I didn't have any blue smoke or leaks so I don't know where it was going. The first time I used Lucas was Jan. 04. I had a fresh oil change with only 100Klm on it. When I pulled the dipstick I was already down 1 litre. This was not uncommon. Since using Lucas, I now only have to add 1 litre every 2500 klm. That is amazing. I use it all the time. I won't go without it.


Winnipeg, MB

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Don Vandenburgh uses Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in 93 Saturn SL2
December 12, 2004

In 2004 the Vandomotorsports Saturn won the SCCA NER New England Division Championship in DSP which was very large class this season. We also won 2nd place in club points with the SCCNH in Race Modified and 3rd place in the East Coast Camaro Club 23 annual event in Race Class.

From the begining of the 2004 season we started using Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer and noticed a huge difference in HP, torque and blowby, in short the same engine we ran last season pulled better this season. We stand behind the Lucas products and you will see us at the National's in September 2005 with Lucal products.

Don Vandenburgh

Vandomotorsports Racing LLC

Northeast USA

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Bill Gurney uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan
April 14, 2005

My Caravan 3.5 liter has over 250,000 miles and the oil pressure was low when hot, 5 to 10 psi @ idle and 35 psi @ 2500 rpm. I am amazed at the improvement Lucas oil Stabilizer made, 35 psi @ idle and 60 psi @ 2500 rpm with the motor at normal operating temp. You have sold me, it will be added to all my vehicles at each oil change. Fine product. Thanks

Bill Gurney

Brandon, Fl

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Eric Minch uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in r/c car
December 1, 2004

I would like to thank you for your product. It has saved me a lot of money in my r/c car. I was having a problem with the piston being burnt and scorn from the nitro meth. I was replacing the piston 2 to 3 times a night.

I would like to thank you once again for a awesome product.

Eric D. Minch

Minch Racing

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Andy Grow uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in 2003 Dodge Ram 2500
April 14, 2005

I treated my '03 2500 Ram with your Fuel Treatment, and almost immediately I noticed a smoother idle, better acceleration, and the truck just "ran nicer".

The best bang though came a few days later, when I noticed my MPG (both on the trucks computer and by my own calculations) had actually gone up 1.5mpg!

We get some pretty crappy gas up here...I've tried other treatments but none did anything close to your Fuel Treatment.

I now am running Lucas Oil products in my axles and will be changing my engine and transmission over, too.

You've earned a customer for life!

Andy Grow

Kodiak, Alaska

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Wayne Glover Uses Lucas in '85 Monte Carlo Dirt Racer
September 3, 2004

I'm writing to tell you what a good product you make on behalf of a friend of mine, who is too hard headed or something to write a letter. His name is Wayne Glover, and we both race dirt track cars. He runs in Hobby Stock and I run Mini Stock. Wayne’s car is a 1985 Monte Carlo with a cammed up 350 and I’ve got a 1988 Mustang with a 2.3 Lt. engine.

In the first part of July Wayne decided his motor was a little weak and wanted to build a new and stronger one. So, we did and it turned out to be a good running motor. He told me he uses Lucas in his motors and I needed to also.

I told him that I had always used STP and had had good luck with it and that’s what I was going to stick with. So, we built his motor and were painting it and got to the oil pan. I told him I had one that was already clean and he could have it. We put it on and everything looked god and fit like it was supposed too.

He took it home and had it in his car, ready to race the next weekend. I was sitting in the stands the first time he raced with the new motor because my car wasn’t ready yet.

Wayne ran the head race and came over afterwards to talk to me and said the car was running good and thought he was going to do well in the feature race. When the feature race started he had to drop low into turn four to avoid another car that had spun out.

When he did, he hit some Road Grader Tires HARD! He made one more lap and left the track. I thought he had torn up something on the car.

It was about an hour or so later when he came back to the stands and I asked him why he left the race. He told me his oil pressure dropped to 0, and after he got back to the pits, he figured out that the motor didn’t have any oil in it because the oil plug (for the pan I gave him) had come out.

I felt bad because I didn’t check the oil plug, but he didn’t either. I asked him if he thought the motor was ruined and he smiled and said that he and his bother found and oil plug in his bothers tool box and four qt. of oil.

They had started it up and it was holding 60lbs of oil pressure. He said the motor is probably ok and “I told you that Lucas is some good S%@&!” We were both happy and relieved.
His motor has been running good every weekend since.

I finally got my car ready and was able to race for the first time on Aug. 21st. I was nervous as I could be, but I think I'm really going to like dirt track racing. Before I raced I made sure my oil plug was tight and I had some Lucas in my motor. I’ve got 4 or 5 bottles of STP left, but I’ll find another use for them because of Wayne’s little mishap made a Lucas believer out of me.

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!
Jacob Larkin uses Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in 1989 Chevy S-10 Durango 4x4 4.3L V6
April 12, 2005

I bought a used Chevy truck with 140,000 miles on it. It has a 6 foot snow plow on it and I was told that it went through a quart of oil faster than it did the gas that was put in it. Not to mention the oil pressure guage bounces around more than my 4 year old son.

I wasn't worried, I know about Lucas Products!! I put Lucas Oil Stabilizer in and the oil pressure problem was fixed, and it doesn't burn anymore oil. I also put Lucas Fuel Treatment in 2 times in a row (tune up in a bottle) and my gas milage went from 140 miles per tank to 210 - 220 miles per tank. In Connecticut gas is $2.35 a gallon for regular and going up every day, so all I have to say to that is ... THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

I also have Lucas in my tranny, smoothed the shifting right out in 4 wheel low while plowing, and yes it's in the power steering pump too. I was amazed at how quickly it got rid of the choppiness in the steering when in 4 wheel low.

My truck now has 152,645 miles on it and runs like a champ. Not bad for a $600.00 truck and I OWE IT ALL TO LUCAS PRODUCTS. Thanks again, You have a loyal customer for life and I tell everyone I know, MY TRUCK RUNS BECAUSE IT RUNS ON LUCAS PRODUCTS

Jacob Larkin

Danbury, Connecticut

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!

Bill Gerhart uses 75/90 Synthetic Gear Oil for ARCA/Remax Stock Car Series
March 30, 2004

I wanted to give you this information about testing at Nashville last weekend. We ran the 75/90 Synthetic ger lube in the rear gear and transmission with 10% Lucas Synthetic Stabilizer mixed in.

On the long test runs (over 15 laps), we swaw 165 degree rear gear temperatures and 185 degree transmission temperatures. This is about a 15% reduction in heat from the previous numbers we have seen in 2003 when we ran other brands of oil.


Bill Gerhart


Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!

Terry Brennan uses Lucas Transmission Fix in 1973 Chevy Nova
April 7, 2005

I told my son to check the tranny fluid before he went out cruising, but he is a typical 17 year old and his only thought was getting his 73 Nova SS clone out for people to see. I got home from work and there was a note saying his transmission was slipping and he took my old truck to baseball practice.

I smelled the fluid and it didn't smell to burnt so I decided to do a filter change and see what would happen. When I went down to my local NAPA dealer to talk to my friend that works there and pick up a filter, I asked about your Transmission Fix that was in a display by the counter and he told me that people have told him a number of success stories about it.

He did say if there was an over amount of large metal pieces in the pan that a rebuild or swap might be needed. I removed the pan and yes indeed there were some metal shavings in there, not a lot, but enough to make me concerned as well as a lot of sludge and a clogged filter screen.

So I cleaned everything up put in the filter and replaced the pan, let it set over night to let the Permitex cure. The next night I got home from work dumped in some tranny fluid and 24ozs of your Transmission Fix and you guessed it, it works like new.

Side bar story: in talking with my future son-in law his West Virginia cousins swear by your products and you guessed it again I swear by them now to. I'm even considering putting it on my pancakes, keep up the good work and thank you for helping us old gear heads out!

Terry Brennan

King George, VA

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!

Kevin Amy uses Lucas 50 WT Plus Racing Oil for Jr. Dragsters
May 16, 2003

Dear Lucas Oil:

We race Jr Dragsters in Division 7. A while back we attended the Powerade NHRA event as spectators in Las Vegas. We stopped by your booth and one of your sales reps sold us oil designed for cart and Jr Dragster racing using alcohol motors.

My daughter and I went to our shop with the Lucas oil we purchased later in the week and mixed it with alcohol. We also tested some other oils we have been racing with. The Lucas was the only one that blended with the alcohol immediately. Convinced we began to use the Lucas in both of our Jr Dragsters at the next race.

The results have been exceptional. I have since convinced two other racers to use the Lucas. Last Saturday we took first place in St George, Utah. The runner up was also using some of our oil. In king of the hill the runner up was also using our Lucas oil. and would love to help promote your product. As with all racers we are always seeking sponsor relations.

I don?t know how long my case of oil will last; we are trying to locate more now. My 8 year old has been #1 qualifier in Las Vegas the last two event at LVMS using the Lucas oil. I look forward to racing with your oil

Best Regards

Kevin Phillips

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!

Blue Le Blanc uses Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in 94 Saturn, 96 Isuzu/Hombre, 2000 Cherokee and 97 Camry
April 7, 2005

I was told about your products from a friend of mine that works for Joe Amato's racing crew (Shannon King). He had been using the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in his diesel truck for years and when he started with Amato's crew, he was amazed how good the other products were.

After hearing him talk about products, I was convinced to use the products. So far I have used the Synthetic Oil Stabilizer and Fuel treatment in all my vehicles and the performance has been amazing. My truck has more power than ever. My son returned from Dallas this weekend in the 2000 Cherokee and swears that he used 2 less gas fill up's. I'm hooked and telling every about the performance of these products. Thanks!

Blue Le Blanc

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!

Tom Ebberts uses Lucas Heavy Duty 85/140 Gear Oil for Race Team
January 8, 2002

I want to take this time to thank you for your support and believing in Danny?s ability to be a winner! Thanks to you and Forrest for your support and your fine products. We have had no engine failure, all year, and no rear end (gears) break or fail. The gears still look like new! We have been proud to show the Lucas Oil colors wherever we have been this year.

Danny was presented the Championship trophy, Sunday in Las Vegas at the Binons Horseshoe Hotel for the USAC (United States Auto Club) awards banquet as the 2001 Western States Midget Champion.

Thanks again for helping win this championship!

Tom and Danny Ebberts

Las Vegas, NV

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Barb Savoy uese Lucas Oil Stabilizer in 1992 Chevy Cavalier
March 25, 2005

I just started using this today , I heard about it from a mechanic at New Holland Express care in New Holland,PA. He said that his whole family uses it in their cars and I have had problems before finding out about this product.

When my 92 cavalier gets up to 2,000 miles on an oil change it starts pinging and the mechanic told me about this stuff and I said I was willing to try anything , and man what a difference in my car even at an idol it used to make noise. I started it up tonight and left it idol and NO NOISE it's great stuff Thank you!

Yours truely,

Barb Savoy

Another happy car nut whom loves her cars and trucks

let's keep those cars and trucks happy for life

and LUCAS is the way to go

Reinholds, PA

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Jim Pfaffenbeck uses Lucas Transmission Fix for Chevy Nova
November 12, 2002

Dear Lucas Oil,

I use Lucas Oil Products in my Chevrolet Nova Drag race car, and tow vehicle. I run a 77 Chevy Nova powered by an alcohol burning small block w/400 Turbo Trans, in the local ?NHRA Super Pro? brackets. Your products seem to help cut back on the wear, and help lower the r transmission temperature.

Thank you for making such a product.

Thank you!!

Jim Pfaffenbeck

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!

Christopher Greene uses Lucas Transmission Fix in a 1990 Toyota Celica
March 18, 2005

I owned a 1990 Toyota Celica and the transmission did not shift good at all. I took it to my mechanic shop and he done a service on it, he said there was a lot of debris in the pan and said it may not last you but a few more thousand miles. I gave him a bottle of the transmission fix and he was hesitant about using it, but he did anyway.

Well I drove the car for about 60,000 more miles and it was still going. The mechanic is now a sure believer in your product and he now uses the trans fix in every transmission service that he does. He also sells Lucas products in his store and is a firm believer in all your products!

Christopher Greene

Forest City, NC

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!
Pete Sanca uses Lucas Products
September 17, 2002

I own an automotive & chassis shop in Connecticut. I have used your products in customer's cars, and both the customers & I are very happy with the results. I also strongly believe in supporting the people that support you.

I have been Drag Racing in NHRA & IHRA for the past 10 years, and last week I won the Editor's Choice award at the Lucas Oil Nationals in New England Drag way in Epping New Hampshire. I can't even begin to thank you enough for the support you have given Drag racing, and all other Motorsports.

Any info you can give me to become a dealer would be great, and if you have any interest in sponsorship on the bracket racing level, let me know and I will be happy to send you my portfolio. The next big race I will be attending is the 5 day race at Moroso Drag way if Florida in November.

Look forward to hearing from you & thanks for your time



Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!

Jeffery Filiault uses 15/40 High TBN Truck Oil in 92 Kenworth T600 Cat Diesel
March 3, 2005

Since my first oil change on my 92 Kenworth after buying it used with 200,000 miles on it .The previous owner only used LUCAS OIL. It now has 650,000 miles and still no oil useage. I would not use anything but LUCAS.

My racing miata now uses only 20 / 50 synthetic MOTOR OIL . The oil survived 2 hours of practice and a 4 hour induro and when drained still looked like new . This year I will put it to the ultimate test a 25 hour enduro at THUNDER HILL RACEWAY .This will be a brutal test wich I would not attemt with out LUCAS Oil Thanks....

Jeffery Filiault

Santa Cruz, CA

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!
Joey Sexton uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer for Commercial Trucks
January 8, 2002

To Whom This May Concern,

I am writing in reference to your engine oil additive, at work we use your additive in our bucket trucks, dozers and other heavy equipment without incident.

I decided to take some home and try it in my racecar. My engine oil is changed regularly after three races. Lucas oil additive was added and my oil pressure increased 5 pounds. I use Pennzoil 25-50 and run methanol.

Everyone well knows that condensation builds up in the oil pan with alcohol especially in cold weather. Last season after adding Lucas oil additive to the engine, we tore the front bumper off and it went under the car and burst the oil pan.

During that time, I was trying to get my drivers attention, he had made three laps with the oil pouring out. Needless to say, by the time it was shut down I was expecting some serious bearing damage.

After getting the car to the shop and pulling the pan to check rods and mains, expecting the worst, there was no damage. Boy was I tickled LOL!!!!!!! Since that time, I have always added your product.

We have raced 48 races this year in the U.M.P. modified series and used the same engine every race and have not torn it down for nothing. The engine still has 55 to 60 pounds at idle and 50 after the race is complete.

Our engine is currently at the shop to be freshened for next season, cannot wait to see what bearings look like after 2,000 laps of racing on dirt.

Thank You,

Joey Sexton
Owner of #1 car Driver Chris Rickett

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!
Eric Loughran uses Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in 1995 Cavalier
March 2, 2005

Well, I have seen this product before and decided to use some for my oil and it made a difference in just a half hour of driving around. My engine was making lifter noise, which seems to be a thing for these four bangers when they get some mileage.

Once it really works in I hope to see more of a difference. My car is almost 190,000kms and I hope to go alot longer.

Eric Loughran


SuSubmit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!
Steve Glenn uses Lucas 20/50 Plus Racing Oil for Dragster
January 8, 2001

Hi, I just wanted to say

First I met Mr. Lucas at the Topeka Nationals this year and bought a case of the 20w50 high performace oil. After finally running out of my old oil, it was time to try your oil.

Well, as stragne as things happened. I WON my first win ever! It was a Summitt super series points race in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Also, the car picked up from running 8.19's to now running 8.13's and maybe a little quicker. The final round I ran an 8.14 (killing 6 mph), and won by .0035 sec. to an outstanding racer and good friend. I'm sure my car would have run an 8.11 or so. The oil really is something. I didn't make any other changes to the fuel system or tire pressure. NONE! I just changed my oil!

Thanks foe a great produc

Steve Glenn


Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!

Connell Miller uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in 1988 Ford van
March 2, 2005

Several months ago I bought an '88 Ford custom van that supposedly had a new engine with only 46,000 miles on it. Within a short period I was having to add one or two quarts of oil per week (even without a lot of miles being driven) and was suffering from badly fouled plugs.

My faithful mechanic for the last ten years, after changing the plugs, told me to use the Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. I'd never really had a belief in oil additive-type products, thinking they were all probably more hype than substance. But after just a few days and I was down again, I bought a bottle.

Since I was two quarts low, I put in the full 32 oz. And guess what - that was 3 1/2 months ago! My oil pressure has gone up, no more missing from fouled plugs, and I just now have added about a quart of the Oil Stabilizer to bring it up to full!

Gentlemen, I am sold! Thanks for making a product that makes good on its advertised promises!

Connell Miller

Fayetteville Arkansas

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!

Jeffery Ables uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in 6.5 diesel
March 2, 2005

I own a towing company, mostly diesels, one gas motor. I am located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio... right outside Columbus. I was having trouble with a chevy wrecker, with a 6.5 diesel engine. I am thinking an injector was sticking. Rattling real bad and black smoke coming from the exaust, anyways I tried everything store bought, injector cleaners, injections pump lubricants, even was entertaining using transmission fluid in the fuel. Someone told me that would work.

Well I stumbled across your products, after one tank the truck was running back to the way it should, no rattling, no unusual smoke, and better fuel economy.... I'm sold on Lucas porducts! The wrecker has 300,000 miles and I'm hoping to make it to 500m I'm sure I stand a better chance with the used of Lucas, Thanks again!

Jeffery Ables

Reynoldsburg, OH

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!
Brian Lucas uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in 2001 Ford Crown Victoria
January 13, 2005

I am a State Trooper in Florida. I have a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria that I patrol the interstates with. My Vehicle has 90,000 miles and probably the same amount just idling. As my vehicle accumulated more miles, I didn't have the acceleration or the top end compared to when I got the vehicle brand new.

Someone suggested to me to get some Lucas Fuel Treatment and use it with a full tank of gas. I filled up twice and added the fuel treatment each time. It was not long before I noticed the difference when I caught up to a speeding motorist. I had a lot more horsepower during acceleration and I gained 10 more miles per hour on the top end (incredible).

I was very impressed, almost astonished with the product's performance. I have never gained 10 more miles per hour on the top end with any other type of fuel treatment or specialty product and would have never expected those types of results until I used Lucas Fuel Treatment and that is not even mentioning the better fuel mileage I'm getting.

Now a majority of the other Troopers in the district are using the Lucas Fuel Treatment regularly in their vehicles and getting the same results that I did. We also use Lucas Fuel Treatment in our personal vehicles after the results we've seen.

It's nice to know there is a product on the market that really works and can restore life to a vehicle that is tortured daily. It's obvious that Lucas Oil has set the standard with their products. Thank You Lucas Oil for helping myself and others perform our jobs and keep the roadways safe.

Brian Lucas


Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!

Rick Simoneauz uses Lucas Oil Stabilizer in 1999 Freightliner
January 4, 2005

I have a 1999 Freightliner. I have been using Lucas Oil Stabilizer from day one. Started with 1 gallon every change (12,000 miles). When I got 500,000 miles on the truck I increased to 2 gallons every change. Now I have over a million miles on the truck. I use 3 gallons every change and managed to increase to 15,000 miles between changes.

I started using your fuel treatment about 600,000 miles ago using a gallon about two times a week. Now I use one gallon every time I fuel. It has increased my mileage from 5.2 to 6.7 on an average.

Can’t say enough for your product. It has kept my rig running all these miles and still don’t use any oil between changes. I also have never had any major engine work done. Too bad you people don’t make tires. I would never have to replace anything.

Thank you,

Rick Simoniaux

Sarepta, LA.

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!
Mark Cavanaugh uses Lucas Transmission Fix in 1995 Dodge 2500 Van
January 3, 2005

Before you spend big bucks rebuilding your transmission try Lucas, you won't believe my story.

In July of 2003 I left Ohio pulling an 8000 pound trailer behind my 1995 Doge Van. I had just added a trans cooler. I had a transmission leak and lost a lot of fluid. I got off the highway and my transmission was slipping so bad, I disconnected the trailer and the van barely moved forward with the engine racing. I barely made it to an auto parts store and added some Lucas.

The trans engaged and I went back to pick up my trailer. At first when I put it into gear it slipped but still moved forward, then it grabbed. Any sane person would have had the trans rebuilt, but instead we went for it.

The weather was particularly hot, in the 90s in Ohio and over 100 degrees most of the way down. Several times, at least half a dozen, it got so hot the trans would slip and we had to stop. This transmission should have been toast! There is no way that van should have made it over 1500 miles to Texas, let alone pulling over 8000 lbs behind it!

Well it's been a year and half and the transmission still slips in the morning for the first mile or so but I have been, and still drive it everyday. There is no telling how many thousands of transmission replacements and rebuilds could have been avoided if they had only tried Lucas first. Try it, it works!!

Mark Cavanaugh

Austin, Texas

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!
Dave Ward Only Recomends Lucas
September 13, 2004

I work for one of countries largest auto parts stores. Our “chemical wall” displays 100’s of products from every manufacture one could imagine.

I am by nature a skeptic. I don’t believe in “magic in a bottle”. I own a ‘67 GMC Truck that had a very stiff steering gear. For many months I would need to start the truck 20 min before driving to warm up and loosen the gear box.

On the advice of a co-worker I added a bottle of Lucas Power Steering treatment to the reservoir. It only took 5 minutes for the gearbox to smooth out! I have never seen a product work so fast and so well!

At my work, customers rely on sound advice and recommendations regarding solutions to their vehicle problems. I ONLY RECOMMEND LUCAS PRODUCTS! That’s it. Only Lucas. Knowing that I have personal experience with 3 of the 4 Products we stock makes it easy to suggest Lucas products.

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!
John Pewters Uses Stabilizer in '01 Camry
September 8, 2004

I wrote you a few months ago and asked how well the Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Stabilizer would work in my 2001 Toyota Camry. I work as the tech inspector at Silver Dollar Raceway, Reynolds, Georgia, Division 2 of NHRA.

You wouldn't believe the positive comments from the racers about your products. So last weekend when I changed my oil I put the Heavy Duty Stabilizer in my Camry. I was most concerned with the noise I get when first starting the car in the morning.

Now, when I start the Camry in the mornings I don't hear that dry sounding noise. It is as if the oil was on all the moving parts in the engine. I must say that I have recommended your products to everyone in my family as well as every new and regular racer to come to the racetrack.

We moved from San Bernardino, Ca. to Georgia in 1992 and never realized Corona was the home of such a brilliant manufacture. Thank you all for the wonderful and trusting products and sponsorship you provide to racing.

Submit Your Own Lucas Oil Testimony!
Nelson Miller uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer for 88 Subaru GL
January 8, 2002

My name is Nelson Miller, and I work at O?Reilly?s in Wichita. I just want you to know we really appreciate your product. There are a lot of additives out there and some of them carry a hefty price tag with them.

I?ve tried them all, Prolong, Slick 50, etc. and none of them are ? as good as yours and they are twice as much! I don?t know what you all have and use but I hope you never run out. I have an ?81 Ford ? ton pickup with a 300 I6 in it and before I used your Oil Stabilizer, my gas mileage was 14.5 mpg. Now with your Oil Stabilizer and my standard 5 quarts of Castrol 10W/40, I am getting 19 mpg. In my wife?s ?88 Subaru GL 1.8L, she was getting 30 mpg, now she averages 35.5 mpg city driving on both vehicles.

Your product is great and I sell it, only a lot of people ask me if it really works because it?s so affordable. I tell them I use it and I can honestly tell you that it works.

Thanks again!

Nelson Miller
Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls, TX

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Ron Pustay uses Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak for Commercial Trucks
January 8, 2002

To whom it may concern,

I am the owner of a small earth removal and transporting company in Southern Michigan. My company currently has in service, 6 gravel trains, 3 pans, 2 loaders, 4 dozers, and 2 service trucks.

Last year I ran into a problem with one of our service trucks. The power steering pump was leaking and whistling like a bird. Our friends at Schwallbach's Auto told us about your LUCAS Power Steering Stop Leak that they buy it and use it in their racecar.

When my workers went to put the fluid in, they realized that we had run the pump bone-dry. They filled up the pump with fluid and started the truck. It was still singing and dripping as before. While running, they dumped some of your Power Steering Stop Leak in and the whistling ended immediately as well as the leak. I was sold.

I have since used many other products from LUCAS and the result has always been excellent. This winter, during our servicing time, I had every truck and equipment switched over to your products. You guys produce a grade-A product and I thank you for helping to keep my guys on the road.


Ron Pustay
RPM Excavating

Southern Michigan

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