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What are Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer and Lucas Fuel Treatment?

Description: Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer
In the auto industry, one of the most important components to a smoothly running engine and the over-all health of your car or truck is maintaining a regular maintenance schedule with good quality products.  Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer and Lucas Fuel Treatment are two such quality products which, when used in conjunction with your regular oil and fuel, will add miles to your car’s engine and life to its many parts. They are part of a full line of engine treatment products that have gained the respect and recommendation of everyone who has used them. Anywhere Lucas Oil is mentioned, there are also testimonials of how these products saved or extended the life of an engine and saved the owner some money. Whether you are a mom who depends on your vehicle to get you and your children safely from point A to point B or a professional driver working with high-performance cars, dependability is a must.  Lucas Oil products have been proven to deliver dependability time and time again.  So, how do these additives work?

What does Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer do?

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer works in several ways to promote the health of any engine:

It seals the cylinders in order to keep oil from getting into the combustion chamber and being burned.

It consists of 100% petroleum, having no alcohol or solvents, which makes it environmentally friendly and gives it the ability to safely blend with all other automotive lubricants, including synthetic oil.

It is good for use in both gasoline and diesel engines.

It is designed to retain its viscosity, or resist thinning out, at high temperatures, enabling the engine to run more smoothly and efficiently.

This product is so beneficial that it is recommended for use with every oil change at a 20 / 80 ratio. It can even be used in brand new engines. Having been developed and perfected through countless hours of laboratory tests and field-testing, this product therefore allows engines to run at higher temperatures, and it prevents moving parts and bearings from being ruined due to overheating. Not only can you use this product in your engine, but you can also mix it to use in the transmission (25% / 75%) and in the differential (50% / 50%).

Having a product that does so much to protect your equipment has countless other benefits as well. When it is used as part of a preventative maintenance schedule, it all but eliminates dry starts and wears on your engine. Oil change schedules may sometimes be hard to keep track of, but the use of this product also will safely extend the scheduled intervals by at least 50%. In addition, oil temperatures will be lowered; smoking, leaking, and knocking are greatly reduced in older, worn engines; and parts are protected from rust and corrosion during long periods of disuse.

What does Lucas Fuel Treatment do?

Lucas Fuel Treatment is also known as “Upper Cylinder Lubricant with Fuel Injector Cleaners”. It is formulated to clean and lubricate your vehicle’s fuel system.  Engineered for use in both diesel and gasoline engines and it may be used as often as every fill-up. Lucas Fuel Treatment is beneficial because not only does it keep your fuel system clean and running smoothly, it improves gas mileage significantly – often saving enough money to pay for itself!

Why purchase Lucas Oil products?

Description: Lucas fuel treatment
Lucas Oil products are used and trusted by a wide variety of vehicle operators from your average, everyday driver to high-performance driving professionals, and they are highly recommended and beneficial for every type of vehicle from cars to semi-trucks, boats, and RVs. Lucas Oil is such a fixture in the automotive industry that it is a sponsor of several NASCAR and Indy Racing League events. If you don’t know anything about the automotive industry, but you think that the name “Lucas Oil” sounds familiar, you probably heard it in conjunction with the NFL – the Indianapolis Colts’ Lucas Oil Stadium was the home of the 2012 Super Bowl. Only a product with an impeccable reputation could find its name on a football stadium.Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer and Lucas Fuel Treatment, as with all of their products, contain no alcohol or solvents, which cut down on the wear and tear of engine parts, and they blend well with any other oil, making the products extremely environmentally friendly. Because they are so beneficial and widely respected, using them will not void the warranty of your vehicle. Testimonials by everyone from NASCAR professionals to every day regular drivers abound as to how Lucas Oil products have kept their engines running or prevented a major catastrophe involving a high-priced repair. And finally, Lucas Oil products can boast that they are 100% made in America.

Why buy from

Berry Enterprises has been a distributor of Lucas Oil since 1989, which was Lucas’ first year of business, and has therefore built a solid reputation for excellent service and the best prices. Their staff as well as their product line receives the highest recommendations. A company based on the West Coast, they have worked to build a trusted relationship with their clients by offering exceptional customer service, with a commitment to offering only the best products. This is why they are an exclusive retailer of Lucas Oil products. They carry the complete line of Lucas Oil products, which includes every size of every product from 55-gallon drums up to 240 gallon totes. Berry Enterprises is also committed to helping keep costs down for their customers, so not only do they keep their prices competitive and low, they also offer free shipping on every order over $75. 

In conclusion, the combination of a stellar product, the best deals and the lowest prices, and a commitment to customer service are all the best reasons to buy Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, Lucas Fuel Treatment and any other of the Lucas Oil line of automotive additives and lubricants from  



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